7 October 2021

全球电子游戏平台大全+3 UNet校长为其毕业生在全球劳动力市场上竞争提高优势

Buranond Kijwatanachai
全球官网电子游戏 Programme Officer;

第五届全球电子游戏平台大全+3校长会议定于下周四(2021年10月14日)举行. The conference will be held under the theme "ASEAN+3 University Education and Graduate Employability: Sharpening the Edge". 

Graduate employability is one of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest, 大学毕业生准备进入新冠肺炎重塑的工作空间. More than ever, 不同的技能越来越受到重视,大学必须努力满足社会需求.

Kanazawa University and the ASEAN University Network Secretariat worked in collaboration to bring some of the most knowledgeable experts from within the ASEAN+3 University Network to come and speak on how universities can prepare for the future.

The conference is also set to pilot the "University Alignment Report" that aims to identify and bring to the forefront potential fruitful partnerships for universities within the network.